Download FTManager v1.8.0 serial by Saltine

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FT-Manager v1.8.0 Serial# by Saltine [TVM/KC]


Saltine [TVM/KC] presents...

Name............: FT-Manager v1.8.0


Description.....: FT-Manager is the the logical evolution of SOFT990 for
                  MS-DOS. It is a Windows 95/98/NT4 CAT program designed to
                  control YAESU transceivers.

                  The purpose of FT-Manager is not to compete with some
                  excellent logging program but to give you additional
                  features that doesn't exist on your Yaesu transceiver ...
                  and to control your PC from your transceiver !.. A lot of
                  functions are original.

                  FT-Manager supports the following transceivers :

                  FT-990 FT-840 FT-847 FT-890 FT-900 FT-920 FT-1000MP FT-1000D
                  FT-767GX FT-980 and early FT-990 & FT-1000 (ROM 1.2)
                  FT-757GX FT-757GXII FT-736

Crack Notes.....: Select Parameters -> Registration from the menu and
                  enter this:

                  User ID/Keyword : Licensed User
                  Code            : 761399

More Notes......: Requested. Visual Basic 5.0-written program.

Other Notes.....: My cracks are PGP signed (note the .sig file). To
                  verify the file came from me and has not been tampered
                  with, issue this command (as applies to PGP 2.6.x):

                  PGP crack.sig 

                  You should get a message stating that it is a good
                  signature from me. Of course, you will need my public
                  key, which is available on many PGP public keyservers.

Saltine [TVM/KC]